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Blank Canvases

Blank canvases are an indispensable tool for every artist, regardless of their level of expertise. They form the basis for artworks, influencing their durability and stability. Crafted from high-quality pine wood, bonded onto sturdy canvas stretchers, our blank canvases guarantee longevity and resistance to deformations. Thanks to meticulous raw material processing and the application of universal painting primer, our blank canvases excel in every painting technique. These products boast excellent primer adhesion, optimal paint absorption, and require no additional preparation before painting.
The canvas is precisely stretched onto the canvas stretcher, ensuring a smooth surface without any wrinkles or irregularities. It can be fastened using staples on the back or nails on the side edges, allowing artists to choose the attachment method based on their preference and the intended painting technique. Our blank canvases are made from the highest quality impregnated cotton or linen, providing a stable surface for painting. Our products are categorised into the BASIC and PREMIUM lines, catering to a variety of artistic needs.

Available Canvas Types

COTTON CANVAS – Universal Primer
COTTON CANVAS – Natural (Raw)
100% LINEN CANVAS – Universal Primer
100% LINEN CANVAS – Natural (Raw)
100% LINEN CANVAS WITH GELATIN – Partially Impregnated

Premium Linen Canvas

– 100% high-quality linen canvas
– hand-impregnated
– 3 layers of gesso
– canvas weight: 450 g/m2
Mouldings available in 35×20, 45×20, 52×22, 65×24 mm

Moulding 35×20

Moulding 45×20

Moulding 52×22

Moulding 65×24


– 100% linen canvas
– hand-impregnated, transparent, without primer
– canvas weight: 280 g/m2
– mouldings available in 35×20, 45×20, 52×22, 65×24 mm

Moulding 35×20

Moulding 45×20

Moulding 52×22

Moulding 65×24

3D Blank Canvases

– 100% cotton or linen
– 3 layers of gesso
– canvas weight: 300 g/m2
– edges can be painted
– moulding available in 41×30 mm

Moulding 30×41

Moulding 41×41

Moulding 70×41


Raw cotton and linen can be stretched upon the customer’s request.
Each product is packaged in shrink wrap along with a set of wedges.

BASIC Collection Blank Canvases


– 100% universal cotton
– 3 layers of gesso
– canvas weight: 300 g/m2
– moulding: 30×16
– available sizes from 10×10 to 70×100 cm

In the Basic Collection, there is also a set of 3 cotton canvases called “3 pack”. These canvases are mounted on a thin moulding of 30×16 mm.

Moulding 30×16

Standard Cotton

– 100% universal cotton
– 3 layers of gesso
– canvas weight: 300 g/m2
– moulding: 35×20, 45×20, 52×22, 65×24
– available sizes from 10×10 to 200×350 cm

Moulding 35×20

Moulding 45×20

Moulding 52×22

Moulding 65×24

Round Canvas Stretcher Frames

We also offer round canvas stretcher frames with diameters ranging from 50 to 190 cm. These frames are crafted from high-quality pine wood, carefully glued together to ensure durability and stability. Additionally, they are adjustable, allowing you to customise the canvas tension according to your individual preferences.

Available Variants


Solo round canvas frames are perfect for artists who prefer stretching the canvas themselves.


Round canvas frames come pre-stretched with cotton canvas using non-corrosive staples, ready for painting right out of the box.

The proces of making Roman Window

1. Sketch

The client provides a technical drawing of the canvas stretcher, specifying its dimensions and structural details.

2. Construction

Based on the sketch, the canvas stretcher is constructed using glued strips of wood or other types of wood, ensuring precise connections and finishing.

3. Final Outcome

After completing the construction, the canvas is mounted on the stretcher using special mechanisms.

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