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Expand Your Creativity with Our Unique Selection

Our blank canvases are incredibly popular, constituting a significant 56% of our sales, confirming their exceptional quality and versatility. We also offer canvas stretchers, essential tools for artists working across various painting techniques. For those seeking a complete set, we provide easels and frames, ensuring the ideal support and finishing touch for works of art. Let your imagination flourish with our products.

Blank Canvases

Our blank canvases are securely mounted, ensuring stability and user comfort. We use staples on the back or nails on the side edges. Whether you're using acrylics, oils, or other painting techniques, we have suitable blank canvases that perfectly complement your creativity.

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Our frames are unique products made from solid wood, including pine and alder. We offer 9 designs of mouldings in various widths that can be combined together. We craft frames in both standard and unconventional dimensions. We specialise in framing oil paintings and artworks by artists.

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Easels and Palettes

Part of our offering includes easels and palettes, providing stable and comfortable painting surfaces. Our easels have adjustable height and tilt angles, allowing artists to customise them according to their individual preferences. Palettes, crafted from high-quality materials, enable effortless and effective mixing and dilution of paints.

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Canvas Stretchers

Our canvas stretchers provide stability and precision during work, thanks to their solid construction. Various models are available, allowing for customization to individual preferences. They feature easily adjustable parameters, enabling height and canvas tilt adjustments. We use high-quality pine wood for their construction, ensuring durability and reliability.

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Do you need a custom project?
We have something for you!

Our sub-brand ART Professional offers the possibility to create products for our individual customers, tailored to their specific needs. We focus on fulfilling high-quality orders that meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients.

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