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Canvas Stretchers

Canvas stretchers, also known as stretcher bars, are rectangular or square frames made of profiled wooden strips. Their main purpose is to provide a stable surface for canvas, allowing artists to paint. Canvas stretchers are essential in easel painting, used to stretch canvas and ensure proper tension.
We offer top-quality canvas stretchers. We focus on properly seasoning the wood and carefully processing the strips, ensuring that the stretcher bars remain deformation-free, and the canvases stay stable even during intense painting sessions. With our products, artists can be confident that their artworks are created on durable and professional surfaces.
Our canvas stretchers are not just tools; they represent quality and guarantee satisfaction with creative results.


For the production of our canvas stretchers, we use high-quality pine wood dried in computer-controlled drying chambers to achieve a moisture content of 8-12%. The corner joints of the stretcher bars are crafted using traditional methods. The strength of the corner joints and the stretching method must be proportionate to each other. First, knots and resin spots are removed, and then the stretcher bars are glued together using high-concentration adhesive. The result is wood with a low risk of bending, secured with non-corrosive staples.

Support structures for frames

The frames on which canvas is stretched are meticulously crafted, paying attention to every detail. The choice of material plays a crucial role, but the quality of construction and applied methods are key to ensuring exceptional frame durability. Wedges placed in the corners effectively eliminate any unevenness that may occur on the canvas during or after painting, preserving the integrity and quality of the artwork.

Corner Connectors

The shape and structure of the curves in the corner connectors are crafted using traditional artisan techniques. The oak wood used in our products comes exclusively from sustainable forest sources, demonstrating our commitment to environmental conservation. After processing, the wood is meticulously bonded using glue and advanced bonding technology. This results in curves with minimal risk of deformation. In our advanced technological process, the curves are further stabilised, ensuring the durability of the structure. For stretching the canvas, only durable and non-corrosive elements such as staples are used.


The size and construction of the wooden profiles used in frames vary depending on the specific project size. The larger and heavier the frame, the sturdier the profile and its supporting elements should be. The graphics below illustrate different types of wooden profiles and their dimensions, which are tailored to diverse needs and frame sizes.

Euro Profile

Canvas stretchers with a 45° cut













Angled Profile

Canvas stretchers with a 90° cut







3D canvas stretchers

3D canvas stretchers are characterised by their greater height compared to others – 41–30 mm, making them protrude more from the wall. This gives the artwork a more spatial effect. The artist can also utilise the sides of the canvas stretchers for painting.







Innovative 3D canvas stretchers

Innovative 3D canvas stretchers with LED strip slot

Aluminium-wood canvas stretchers

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